Technical Services

Technical Services

Marisatcom is deeply involved on an ad-hoc project basis in various satcom and landline commercial shipping industry and leisure market segments and delivers to clients upon request and/or by default (depending upon the case/system/solution and client-agreement type) the following technical services:

System Design and Configuration


Providing system design and configuration that meets client identified or required sets of requirements. By defining components, modules, interfaces and data behind for client's system to meet client's specified requirements.

Hardcore Networking

hardcore networking

Delivering Connection Architectures, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Bonding, Load Balancing, Device Inter-connectivity and Bridging, Internet Protocol, VoIP, WAN, Wireless LAN, Hotspot, VPN, QoS, etc.

System Integration


Bringing together component subsystems into a single one system and ensuring that the subsystems perform and function as a system. We aggregate subsystems (software, systems, hardware and networking). We also have a wide range of technical know-how for systems and equipment through close technical collaboration with the required system and equipment entities.

System Administration


Running and maintaining network computers, peripherals as well as the core network itself.

Network Management


Eliminating network bottlenecks, ensuring network protection and availability and upon client's request we can monitor network traffic on such as VoIP, mail servers, video streaming.

Onsite Installation Setup and Support


Using our own engineers we install, configure, manage and support the onboard installed/delivered systems and then on an ad-hoc basis and as per client's request and as per installed/delivered system/solution onboard, we can entirely manage and support remotely and when circumstances allow the installed/delivered onboard system.

Worldwide Service Support


Service supporting our clients, upon client's request and based on our in-house engineers and also based on the global network of partnerships with the equipment manufacturers and also service suppliers

Warranty and Post Warranty Service Repairs


Providing warranty and post-warranty service repairs for the systems/solutions we deliver.



Providing training using also our own engineers for any system/solution we deliver.



On an ad-hoc basis and upon client's request we can:
- procure onboard/onshore ICT systems and stand-along and/or networked peripherals and,
- configure, integrate, install, setup, train and support them into the client's already existing onboard/onshore infrastructure