Multi-IMSI Marine Internet Hotspot

World’s First Multi-IMSI Marine Internet Hotspot

Power On and Connect, BYOD, automatic SIM and network selection between multiple SIM cards, secure internet connectivity, data roaming savings up to 90% in 158 countries worldwide

A global pocket internet solution* for shipping companies and their shore-side people while travelling around the world, allowing:

  • Secure mobile hotspot connectivity, no matter where user works from, with unique network features in 158 countries worldwide
  • Reliable internet connection shared across user’s multiple devices
  • Intelligent, Seamless, Robust identification of network data connectivity to the best Tier 1 wireless network – on each individual data session (instead of getting locked to a single carrier)
  • Automatic location and connectivity to an optimal wireless signal available
  • Prioritise network traffic by LTE signal with failover to other Tier 1 carriers
  • Automatic failover between networks and SIM cards in each country
  • User is not locked in a single carrier
  • User does not need to find and select the best internet connection available in the area
  • No signal interruption or disconnection while user is on the move
  • Continuous access to mission-critical applications, even in countries with strict internet policies
  • Avoid local carrier restrictions through embedded VPN
  • User can only access (if allowed by HQs) authorised websites and applications, limiting exposure to virus, malware and malicious sites
  • Compliance, should this is the corporate policy, by allowing traffic to pass to only authorised applications and protocols
  • Eliminate roaming changes by 70% -90%, through integrated 4G and LTE networks and QoS capabilities


Mobile User Benefits

  • Data roaming savings of up to 90% (we’ve seen much higher savings though…)
  • No Long-Term Commitments
  • Global Coverage in 158 countries (118 are coastal countries)
  • Pocket Internet (BYOD enabled)
  • Secure Internet connectivity

The Multi-IMSI Marine Internet Hotspot

  • Works as simple as “Power On and Connect”
  • Is BYOD, connecting up-to 10 user devices at once
  • Comes preloaded with multiple SIM cards
  • Gives LTE, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA+ speeds
  • Offers automatic SIM and network selection in each country
  • Eliminates voice roaming
  • Charges via micro-USB
  • Gives to the end-user 12 working hours / 200 standby hours on a single charge
  • Full Enterprise Management Portal for Network Device Administrators