X Band

X Band


X Band ADU-BDE Unique Characteristics

X Band ADU-BDE Unique Characteristics


When only the very best will do. KNS is proud to be a reliable supplier to the military.
The SuperTrack X-Series antenna, currently available in 0.7m & 1m for KA and X-Band, has been engineered to provide the highest standards of sturdiness and functionality.

The X-Series excels in flexibility during rough seas and durability to provide the military with first class performance 24/7.
No other antenna can provide this level of broadband satellite communications at sea.

Standard Features

  • Built in Wire rope Isolator and Shock Absorber
  • Automatic Satellite Search & Skew Control
  • Web interface & Remote software Upgrade available
  • Simplicity (Integrated into one module from Motor Driver, RF control module, PCU)
  • Unlimited Azimuth & Brake System
  • Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS’s Distinctive Algorithm
  • Pre-programmed Satellite Database (Editable 80 satellite data)
  • Antenna Control Unit [3 Types of Gyro Input (NMEA, Synchro, Step by Step)]

X Series Product-Feature Comparison X10MK3, X15MK3

X Series Product-Feature Comparison X10MK3, X15MK3

Warranty Information

KNS offers 2-year parts, 1-year onboard labour warranty for the SuperTrack series.