Symptom Tones

Unique Feature: ASE Symptom Tones , Marisatcom ASE hidden Citadel anti-piracy Iridium SatCom Solution

The smart ASE hidden anti-piracy satcom solution system generates 7 symptom system tones.

Those tones can actually show users onboard what exactly goes on with their system.

ASE-Troubleshooting Tone – Dialtone.MP3

Generated from the ASE Citadel POTS Phone handset.
Shows terminal works properly and waits for the user onboard to dial a phone number.
Please make sure to complete the phone call with the “#” key

 ASE Troubleshooting Tone – No SIM Found.MP3

ASE Troubleshooting Tone – No SIM Found
Shows terminal operates, but no SIM has been found.
Please clean and insert again the SIM into the terminal.


ASE Troubleshooting Tone – Searching Iridium Network or SIM Needs Provisioning.MP3

Shows terminal operates and searches for satellites.
This tone will also be heared if SIM has not been provisioned properly.
Please contact your Iridium Service Provider (ISP) to ensure this has been done properly.


ASE Troubleshooting Tone – SIM Is Locked.MP3

This tone does not occur frequently.
SIM needs to be unlocked, please press * 1 1 1 1 on the handset.


ASE Troubleshooting Tone – Modem Error.MP3

Shows internal modem is not functioning properly, most likely it needs repair.


ASE Troubleshooting Tone – Off Hook Alert.MP3

Shows the handset has been off for more than 30 seconds without any activity.
Please turn the handset off, then back on to continue.


ASE Troubleshooting Tone – Bad SIM.MP3

Shows the SIM card has been damaged.
A new SIM card may be required the terminal to function properly