ASE Antenna Installation

ASE Antenna Installation Guidelines


The present document gives some very important data and parameters regarding the ASE hidden Citadel anti-piracy antenna:

  • Antenna placement
  • Antenna visibility and mounting
  • Typical funnel distances
  • Antenna temperature restrictions
  • Cable routing and antenna attachment
  • A check list before begging the antenna installation

Antenna Placement

ASE Marisatcom Hidden Iridium Anti-Piracy Antenna Placement For Full Visibility

The placement of the ASE hidden anti-piracy antenna is indeed very important for Iridium satellite service operation.

  • Please make sure to install in a location that does not exceed 70°C, or damage can occur.
  • The ADU (antenna) needs 360° sky view with no obstructions 8° off the horizon, to be in constant contact with the Iridium satellites. Locate the center-line of the ADU at the same height as the retaining wall and 1 m. inward.
  • The Universal Pipe Mount supports the installation of horizontal or vertical pipes of 1” to 2” in diameter. Please mount the antenna with the “seam” parallel with the horizon and keep blockage to a minimum. Once you have identified your preferred location of antenna installation, adjust the V-Bolts to accommodate either a vertical or horizontal placement.

For ASE Citadel installations, it is desired that the antenna is located hidden from unauthorized access.
It has been identified by ship engineers that the funnel area meets this requirement. The installer and user must be aware of important installation information, limitations and compromises.

  Antenna Visibility, Mounting & Typical Funnel Distance

ASE Marisatcom Hidden Iridium Anti-Piracy Antenna Satellite Visibility

If this visibility must be compromised, satellite accessibility will be reduced some percentage of the time.

Antenna Temperature Restrictions

ASE Marisatcom Hidden Iridium Anti-Piracy Antenna Temperature Restrictions

 The ASE hidden anti-piracy antenna is often hidden from view near the ship’s funnel.
The exposed antenna is rated for -40°C to 70°C.
Therefore, care must be taken in locating the antenna away from heat vents or other heat sources.
Permanent damage can occur at temperatures above the operating specification.

Cable Routing & Attachment To The Antenna

ASE Antenna Mechanical Dimensions

ASE Cable Diameter,Max Connector Size, Max Bend Radius, Max Temperature

  • Please choose the best pathway and route the cable from the antenna to the Citadel location. If extensions are used, connect these as needed.
  • Care must be taken when routing the cable. The max connector diameter needs to be considered when passing through holes or running in conduit.
  • The max bend radius is important to consider to prevent damaging internal wires.

Antenna Installation Check List

Before Beginning The ASE Antenna Installation

ASE Hidden Anti-Piracy Antenna Installation Check List Before Beginning Installation

  • (Take a quick inventory and make sure that you have all of the necessary components)
  • Survey your ADU/antenna location, with an awareness to 360 degree line-of-site to horizon and maximum temperature of 70° Celsius
  • Plot your cable run
  • Verify: Lengths, Conduit & Hole Diameters & Connector Ends (female connects to ADU)
  • (Determine the location of the Breakout Connector/Junction Box and the POTS Phone cabinet)