ASE Iridium Anti-Piracy Vessel Generated Emergency GPS Report

Emergency GPS Report Generated By Vessel’s ASE Hidden Citadel Iridium User

When Pirates Get Onboard

It’s been noticed worldwide that many times, due to pirates managing to get onboard vessels while in the HRAs, vessels are completely lost from the radars…First thing pirates do is to completely destroy/take down vessel’s communications, including all onboard Inmarsat, Iridium and AIS systems.

…and Inmarsat Can’t Track Vessel’s Offline SatCom Systems

In this very unfortunate incident, Inmarsat has to be notified about a possible piracy attack, in order to trace a vessel, in order to check with their NOC and trace ship’s communications. But it’s very late at that moment usually, as ship’s satcom systems are down by pirates onboard, thus vessel cannot be traced…

an ASE Citadel User

locked up in their citadel room, simply types on his ASE handset * 9 1 1

In such unfortunate incidents, vessels/fleet equipped with the ASE Marisatcom Iridium Citadel anti-piracy solution simply generate (from their ASE POTS Analogue phone located in their Citadel room) an Emergency GPS report, sent to their shipping company’s Security PIC.

The ASE Marisatcom Iridium Citadel anti-piracy solution delivers numerous security benefits to both:

  • people onboard vessels while transiting the HRAs and,
  • to vessel’s shipping company’s HQs colleagues

Citadel (onboard) users can perform various tasks by using the provided ASE POTs analogue phone.

One of those, [provided the onboard ASE Citadel hidden Iridium terminal is switched-on] is generating an Emergency GPS Report.

When the Citadel (onboard) user types 9 1 1 (in his provided ASE POTs analogue phone)

  1. A triple-beep tone (on Master’s Analogue/RJ11 handset phone) provides an indication that the emergency message is transmitted
  2. The emergency message is sent as an SMS-to-email and,
  3.  Shore-side HQs’ email address receives* an email message containing the below vessel info:

Sample ASE Marisatcom Hidden Iridium Citadel Anti-Piracy Vessel Generated GPS Message Report Delivered To HQs EMail Address

The ASE Marisatcom Hidden Iridium Citadel Anti-Piracy solution includes a POTS Phone (with/w.o. a Lockable Cabinet depending on the ASE version). Vessel's ASE Citadel onboard user simply types *911 on the connected analogue RJ11 POTS Phone that is installed in the Citadel room. A triple-beep tone on the ASE hiddel citadel POTS phone provides indication that the message was transmitted. The emergency GPS report alert will be sent as an SMS email to the shipping company's HQs email address. Email message contains: vessel's: Date/Time that the GPS report was generated, ASE Iridium Phone Number, Vessel Name, Coordinates, Heading, Speed, Number Of Iridium Satellites In View and Date/time of Display Fix

• Vessel Name and Send-Message-To-email-address must have been configured by the user during/shortly after ASE ComCenter installation.
• The alert will NOT be sent if:
º an email address has not been configured.
º the ASE ComCenter is switched off*
º the ASE ComCenter link to the satellites is not available*

* To check the health of your onboard ASE ComCenter at any vessel for your entire fleet (ASE unit is on, has link to the satellites, etc.):

  1. simply run (from the comfort of your email client) an ASE Remote Periodic GPS Report, between 30 minutes and 1 week.
  2. if you judge you don’t want to run the health report (say when your vessel/fleet is out of the HRA), simply remotely Deactivate the Periodic GPS Report.