Marine Traveler HotSpot

World’s first 3G-4G LTE Multi-SIM HotSpot device, tailored to the marine traveler as well as their shipping companies global fleets, delivering:

  • Data roaming savings of up-to 85%
  • No Long-Term Commitments
  • Global Coverage in 155 countries (118 coastal countries)
  • Pocket Internet (BYOD enabled)
  • Tier-1 Mobile Carriers
  • Secure Internet connectivity
  • Enterprise Management Platform

The pocket device:

  • works as simply as “Power On and Connect”
  • BYOD, connecting up-to 10 user devices at once
  • comes preloaded with multiple SIM cards
  • gives 3G-4G LTE speeds
  • offers  automatic SIM and network selection
  • eliminates voice roaming
  • charges via micro-USB
  • gives to the end-user 12 working hours / 200 standby hours on a single charge

and many other benefits.

Pricing from as low as $0.04 per MB in 129 countries worldwide | Special Pricing For RoW| 24 x 7 Support | Month-To-Month Plans

Used by vessels for Emergency, Backup Data communications, ECDIS, Software Updates, Remote Management while near-shore and/or while at port, when Inm-FBB/VSAT systems are not working and/or are expensive to run.