Marisatcom markets in Europe, USA, M. East and Far East a comprehensive range of rugged marine approved products certified by Lloyds, DNV, ABS, etc. Products designed and tested to meet the marine’s harsh environment requirements.

Our range has been designed and tested to meet marines’ harsh environment requirements such as extreme temperatures, shock and vibration and are normally fitted with AVM’s and protected to IP22 as a minimum.

Our high-quality marine UPS systems cover critical and non-critical applications.

Critical onboard applications such as:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Navigation equipment
  • Radio etc. telecom, Satcom
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Emergency PA
  • Waterproof doors
  • Azipod propulsion control
  • Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • Automation
  • Power distribution and filtering

Offering High Quality Marine UPS Modules:

  • on double-conversion topology
  • with static bypass switch
  • built to safety and EMC standards
  • microprocessor controlled
  • robust design for marine use
  • power range from 1 to hundreds of kVA’s
  • built to the highest requirements of performance, VFI-SS-111 class UPS (IEC 62040-3 class)

Delivering engineering & technical expertise in designing, manufacturing and project managing complete turnkey AC or DC systems.
Such as: bespoke enclosures – marine spec. finish, custom color finish, environmental protection IP22, IP43, IP44, IP54, etc., rolled steel plinths that can be welded or bolted down, input, output, bypass transformers all to marine specifications