Optional Parts

Heating System

Built-in type heating system for vessels travelling extremely cold areas or polar regions

VSAT KNS Heating System



Built-in type(1.8m or above*) air-conditioner with high-efficiency designed for tough marine environment
* External type available for smaller sizes.

VSAT KNS Air-Conditioner


VSAT Mediator

VSAT mediator for a dual - VSAT configuration to minimize the blockage by superstructure and ensure always-on connectivity

KNS VSAT Mediator


Brochure KNS VSAT Mediator

VSAT Crossover System

VSAT crossover system for a dual - VSAT configuration with strengthened control capabilities & advanced features

· Full M&C capabilities on outdoor units
· Built in 10MHz circuit
· Modem Ethernet interface for ABS
· RF attenuator control
· Available for MK3 antennas

VSAT KNS Crossover System

Brochure KNS VSAT Crossover System

TRF (Transmit Reject Filter)

TRF option available for precise isolation from the transmit band with minimized effect on receive band

· Low / Mid / High Ku band
· Universal Ku band
· Yahsat

VSAT KNS TRF (Transmit Reject Filter)